Monday, January 30, 2006

Britney is a dog!

Psychic Ed Cayce claims that pops former princess Britney Spears was a sheepdog in a former life.

He had Britney regressed in order to explore her past lives. So before being a 16 year old dancing in a school uniform with the ambition of a stripper wanting to take to over Hollywood our "blonde ambition" protogé was a DOG!

Psychic Ed Cayce said: "Britney's fascinated by the Hindu concept that we are all reborn as different people or animals, depending on how good or bad we were in our previous lives." And this while I was assuming that Britney was tricked in to Kaballah by Madonna.

Meanwhile, an insider reckons: "Britney says she had flashbacks of being a Shetland sheepdog. And she reckons her bossiness is a by-product of her days pushing sheep around."

Need I say anymore?

source: (01/30/06)


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